Rosalynn Daniel’s Adorable “Sprinkle Of Zen” Yoga Baby Shower

Hey guys on Sunday afternoon I experienced something so very relaxing OMG! My girlfriend and fellow blogger, Rosalynn Daniels held a “Sprinkle of Zen” baby shower and it was super adorable! I have never done yoga before and especially during a baby shower lol. It was something to see and I knew that Rosalynn, (who is expecting her third child) would come up with something unique because that is just how she is, full of surprises lol. The guest list was pretty intimate with family and close friends. We were all greeted with a temp check, hand sanitizer and mask.

Inside the baby shower, it was decked out with pretty whismy tables capes, a beautiful balloon arch, hydration station, personalized glass water bottles, wine station, individual boxed lunches, and yoga mats. Yes it was all of that! Then our certified yoga instructor Martha arrived looking lovely in her yoga attire ready to get us gals into the Zen zone! The music was set to calming and peaceful yoga tunes as well. I know it was much needed for me to relax and connect with the earth! So the whole Zen experience was so much fun and I got a chance to relax in this crazy world right now. Thanks to Rosalynn & Harvey for the invite out. I had an amazing time! More pics inside and stay safe everyone!

Harvey proud dad to be (again lol)

Rosalynn mom to be!

Boxed lunches

I loved this cutting board that I got to take home as a keepsake!

Such a pretty cake

Personalized water bottles, so cute

Our yoga instructor Marsha

I have NEVER done yoga before but I truly enjoyed this experience!

A pamper raffle

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