Roundtable Discussion With Comedian Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart WM-33-M

What an amazing and insightful morning I had with comedian Kevin Hart! I had so much fun with him and learned so much in our roundtable discussion! Come inside to get all the scoop! 

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I knew Kevin Hart was a really funny comedian but had no clue he owned so many businesses and has made his brand KHART Enterprises a multi-million business! We all know that he has a new movie coming out on July 3rd titled Let Me Explain but he does so much more! What was very intriguing to me and my ears was the fact that he helps his family and friends tremendously! What do I mean by that? Let Me Explain lol.

I asked Kevin how does he differentiate and weed out good friends from bad plus how does he know who is genuine in his camp! He told me that he has had the same crew for over 10 years. As far as his really good comic buddies, its only 6 of them. There is no room for anyone else because everybody else thinks they know everything he replied. His crew mesh well together and always bump ideas off each other. He has taught his friends how to become better writers, produce projects,land deals, set up meetings and also helped them jump start their own businesses. That way they are not looking for him for handouts. Not that Kevin would not give them a helping hand but friends need to learn how to stand on their own two feet(especially a grown ** man lol). I can surely understand that!

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We also talked about his dream of selling out Madison Square Garden(which he did, both shows) He said it was a very moving experience. In the movie you will see what I mean. He also funded ‘Let Me Explain’ out of his own pocket plus wrote and produced it as well! He visited many countries and cities while on tour to promote the movie but the best place he visited was Philly, his hometown!

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In his stand up shows, he said he often talks about his very own life experiences, his divorce, kids, ex-wife and his friends. He said, politics, religion and the gay community are not his topics of choice and not his lane. He’s very comfortable talking about things that has happened in his life that are funny and great material for his shows. Kevin shared with us about the passing of his mom and his dad being on drugs. That made him strong and the man he is today. I really, really enjoyed talking to him today, he was a breathe of fresh air and kept it real!

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Kevin told me he was nervous about the movie coming out soon but he hopes that everyone goes and checks it out. Today in Atlanta there is a red carpet and pre-screening, so I have to get ready to head out to attend but wanted you guys to know about the interview today! Please check back for more photos and tweets from the red carpet and follow me on instagrams to see all the snaps @talkingwithtami

Kevin it was a pleasure and the sky is the limit! With your winning personality, you will go far in life! God Bless you! Till next time! xoxo

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