Sabrina Elba Reflects On 5 Years Married To Idris Elba

“Evolutions” award-winning music legend and icon Sheryl Crow and “S’ABLE Labs” skincare founder and model Sabrina Elba visit “The Jennifer Hudson Show”  airing Wednesday, April 17.  Sheryl reflects on growing up in a musical family and getting turned down before she found success as a musician. Then, the music icon tells Jennifer about her children’s connection to music and whether they want to follow in her footsteps.

Sabrina celebrates five years married to Idris Elba, reflecting on why they chose to tie the knot in Marrakech and the reason she didn’t want him to DJ at the party.

Sabrina said the wedding was a bit stressful trying to get their huge families together. She is from East Africa and Idris is from West Africa, so they said they would meet somewhere in the middle which was a City in Morocco, Marrakesh.  She said it was worth it in the end. We all know Idris is a DJ as well but she didn’t want him to DJ on their wedding day because he would be too involved and gone most of the night. They finally settled on having DJ Nice for their music.

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Sabrina was wearing ALAÏA cross back bodysuit and high waist leggings, cute


Photos courtesy of Chris Millard/Warner Bros

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