Sanaa Lathan For Rolling Out Magazine

rolling out

This week the beautiful Sanaa Lathan is on the cover of Rolling Out Magazine, looking ultra sexy! She is such a bathing beauty in this shot and done very tastefully I must say! I love everything about it, although summer is coming to an end. She’s also promoting her new film, The Perfect Guy, which I hear is a must see. I’m in New York City this week and the weather is pretty nice out. Check out more images inside! 



“I just think you’ve got to take your time,” she says. “You can’t go around being paranoid and guarded, but I think that it is important to take your time because time will reveal [the true person]. I really believe that. But I also think women and men, when they like somebody, they tend to overlook the warning signs. People show you who they are right away. It’s about being really realistic with yourself and taking your time and also staying open. It’s important to stay open.” ~Sanaa Lathan





Images via Rolling Out

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