Sherri Shepherd Expresses Her Gratitude And Gets Emotional During An Interview With Robin Roberts

Today, Sherri Shepherd expresses her gratitude and gets emotional during an interview with Robin Roberts. Sherri asked Robin Roberts who her dream guest would be on “Turning the Tables with Robin Roberts.” Robin replied by giving Sherri her flowers. See Sherri’s emotional responses below. We’d love to be considered for coverage! See the video clip inside…

Sherri: Do you have anyone on your wish list that you’d like to have on your show?

Robin Roberts: I’m not just saying this, Sherri! You give us life. You do make us feel good. So, you would definitely be on the list.

Sherri: [Tearing up] I’m just grateful. I’m grateful for you, I don’t know what else to say. You know when you get those moments when you are so grateful and thankful … and I love you, I really do … I’m grateful, Robin, that you believed in me, and you were one of the first ones to say yes. I don’t need to come on your show to say that. I’m kind of boring … but I want to thank you so much for coming on!


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