Sherri Shepherd Reveals How She Helped Loni Love & Sheryl Underwood Negotiate Their Contracts for “The Real” & “The Talk”

Sunny Hostin isn’t the only talk show co-host Sherri Shepherd has helped during contract negotiations. On today’s show, Sherri spilled some additional intel on the contract negotiations that went on behind the scenes at “The View.” Sherri revealed that even though Jenny McCarthy’s starting salary was more than Sherri’s (Sherri had been there for 6 years) she still would have advised Jenny to ask for more during negotiations.

Sherri also revealed how she helped Loni Love negotiate her contract when taking on the job at “The Real” and Sheryl Underwood when negotiating her contract at “The Talk.”

Sherri advised all women to pay it forward by saying, “there’s enough room for everybody … the least I can do is pay it forward, because if you pay it forward, and they pay it forward, we can ALL come up together!”

Sherri: Jenny McCarthy came into the show making more money than I had made after being there for six years. She had negotiated. That’s not Jenny’s fault. Not at all. And it was fine, because I was happy with what I was making until I found out how much Jenny was making. But here’s the thing … she could have made much more but they told her not to say anything to anybody else. So, she had to keep her salary a secret, because they were trying to get it done.

And if I had known, I would have said to Jenny, “girl – you got ALL the power.” Because they don’t have anybody else to sit in this chair. She could have been making double. That’s the thing when you know something and band together – you can negotiate. After I got over being mad that she was making more than me, then I was like girl you could had made so much more because YOU HAD THE POWER but you didn’t know you had the power because they made you feel fearful like you’d lose it if you told anybody … so I decided to let people know who were going through the same thing. I called Loni Love when she got “The Real” and I told her what I made and what she should ask for, I told Sheryl Underwood at “The Talk” when I made and what she should ask for …

The least I can do is pay it forward, because if you pay it forward, and they pay it forward, we ALL can come up together!

Photo credit: SHERRI/Debmar-Mercury

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