Shonda Rhimes Talks ‘Black Barbie,’ Importance Of Representation On Today Show

Mega Producer Shonda Rhimes stopped by Today show yesterday to chat about her new Netflix documentary called, Black Barbie on Netflix. The documentary tells the story of how the first Black Barbie doll came to life! The Barbie was released in 1980, so Mattell is celebrating it’s 40th Anniversary edition of the iconic Black Barbie doll!

“Grey’s Anatomy” creator Shonda Rhimes talked about the dolls importance and to show representation.

“Black Barbie: A Documentary” shows the impact of three Black staffers at Mattel on the doll’s debut, and how they influenced generations of young Black girls and the Barbie brand as a whole. A first look at the Netflix documentary aired exclusively on TODAY June 4.

An employee by the name of Beulah Mae Mitchell, who worked on the production line for Mattel said she took a photo with creator Ruth Handler. Before the doll came out, Handler asked the staff if they had any suggestions. That’s when the African American staff stated tat they wanted a Black Barbie.

My friend Stacey McBride Irby is also in the documentary where she explained how the debut of Black Barbie Changed their lives and she later went on to create a line of Black Barbies as well.

Later in the show, Rhimes shared two dolls made in her liking and then gifted the staff with their very own 40th Anniversary doll that is very rare. Black Barbie streams on Netflix June 16th, see more photos and video clip inside…

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