Shopping with The Coupon Diva!

Aimee(the coupon diva) and I

Today I had a great time learning how to shop with coupons! Usually I go to a grocery store and just buy my food and dont think anything of it. My good friend Antoine told me that his cousin Aimee was very good at saving money and had a great blog called, The Coupon Diva. Mind you, he wanted me to meet her last year lol. Well, we finally got a chance to see each other today and met for a grocery shopping spree.

Aimee’s coupon organizer

We met at Publix grocery store and we got busy. The entrance of the store is where the store coupons are and she said that it was very important to read them. At Publix it’s always Bogo’s(buy one get one free). She was teaching me the coupon language as you can see lol. We then got Tide, Spaghetti sauce, Lysol, Sara Lee pound cake and strawberries for a steal! I also got Orange Juice, can vegetables,bread, milk and 1.00 kraft cheese. All of this was really cheap with her coupons, some as high as $1.00 off. My milk was .79 and my cheerios was free! Aimee got really excited because the Birds eye steam veggies were 50% off and we had regular coupons and store coupons so we saved an additional .40 per package. So we spent like .40 for each of them. We both got 6 a piece. We had a great time and I really learned alot from her.

Aimee is a single mom that was recently laid off from her job, so she learned quickly how to save a buck here and there. I have a family of four and my kids are always starving to death lol. Aimee taught me how to budget and shop, that really helped me!

Some tips from Aimee(the coupon diva)

  1. Always buy the Sunday paper
  2. Plan your trip
  3. Get an organizer for your coupons
  4. Always look at the coupons in the store,”the blinkies”
  5. Find out what coupons your grocery store accept

Thanks Aimee for helping me out today and teaching me a valuable lesson in shopping! When it got time for me to check out  my total was over $110.00 but with  my coupons I paid $40.00! Please check out her blog for printable coupons,advice and more!

Happy Shopping!

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