Short N Sassy Hair For Winter


What’s going on out there? I hope you guys have been feeling great! I switched up my hairdo for awhile because I wanted to wear it a bit shorter for the Winter time. I have a few red carpet events coming up and I was going to go really platinum blonde but I chickened out at the last minute lol! My friend and stylist Jon suggested I do that hair color but I was like, no I’m not ready for that much of a hair change lol. My daughter Dootie decided on this fun short and sassy hairstyle that is so easy to manage and I think it fits my lifestyle. 

Washed, conditioned, ends trimmed and blow dried. That’s how I keep my hair healthy and long. Dootie then braids it up and adds hair for a protective style. This time around, I added shoulder length hair extensions for this particular look that will last throughout the winter months. I will go back to Dootie for shampoos every couple of weeks. I love the look and it’s extremely care free!

All done up!

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5 thoughts on “Short N Sassy Hair For Winter

  1. I like it. It fits.

    Hmm while the blonde would be different, It sounds fun. I don’t experiment with color often. But I love the colors that your daughter does. If I knew that she’d be willing to take it out in a week if I couldn’t adjust, I might try it.

    That’s a cute red too.

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