“Shorter” Hair Don’t Care LOL!

short hair

Me with my photographer Genae

I am one of those type of people that do not like much change when it comes to my  hair. Yep, I admit that I like to keep my hair pretty simple and it can be boring! I just do not have it in me to try hair color or different styles like braids, natural textured looks and really short hair. Trust me I have tried in the past way before social media and blogs and let’s just say, I look really different lol. Recently my daughter tried to do a quick weave on my and braided my hair up and added a short hairstyle and she looked at me in the mirror and said, “mom you were so right, short hair ages you omg!” I tried to warn her but I was letting her practice hair techniques on me but she quickly learned that I just do not have the face for short hair lol. 

When I first met Jon(my stylist) a few months ago, he even suggested that I wear my hair shorter. I looked at him and asked, “how short do you want me to go?” He stated that up to the shoulder would look very nice on me so I told my daughter Dootie I would like to try it! Sure enough after she styled my hair, it has been the BEST thing that I have done this year! Its also very low maintenance, easy and carefree. It makes me to appear a bit younger too! I want to thank Jon for the suggestion and to my daughter who loves the new look too! What do you guys think? Do you also plan to chop your hair a bit shorter for Spring/Summer? Chime in!

short hair

Me with my manager Yvette

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