Singer Taylor Dayne Shares Life Advice Tina Turner Gave Her On Sherri

On the episode of SHERRI airing on Friday, October 20, talk show host Sherri Shepherd welcomes iconic pop singer Taylor Dayne who tells Sherri all about the life advice that she received from Tina Turner. See more inside….


Sherri: I know that people give me advice. Some I like. Some I don’t. Tina Turner gave you some dating advice. What did she say?

Taylor: I don’t know if it was dating advice. I think I took it as life advice …  I was the Taylor Swift. I was the Britney Spears. I just broke and I had amazing record success and I was sitting next to her … she was the ultimate. She was my queen, you know. And She said to me, “Taylor, you’re married?” She sounds like an auctioneer. And I go, “No, I’m not.” I was probably 24 years old. And she goes, “Hmmm what do you think the problem is?” And I go, “I don’t think there’s a problem. I think I’m living the dream. She goes, “You’re Jewish? You’re Italian? What are you?” “I’m Jewish actually and Itaalian.” She goes, “ Well that’s the problem with you Jewish girls, you got no patience … I go, “You’re telling me that? I think you have more patience than you needed to have. I go, “I love you, thank you, for this life advice.”

Sherri: I love it.

Taylor: But spot on. And then she recorded a song of mine and made it number one all throughout Europe and America, So i was like I love you even more.

Sherri: There you go.

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