Sneak Peek: Inside Fashion Blogger Claire Sulmer’s Boudoir!


Have you always wanted to know how fashion bloggers live and what their space look like? Me too and today when I visited fashion blogger Claire Sulmers/Fashion Bomb Daily‘s website, I learned that she collaborated with Home Goods to design a space that reflects her personal style. She just moved into a new spot in NYC, so I’m sure she had a grand ol’ time picking out new items and decorating! She did an amazing job and I know that I shop in Home Goods pretty much every week for household needs as well. We’re planning on moving really soon too and I can’t wait to start decorating our new space too! I LOVE Home Goods towels, sheets and bathroom decor! Check out Claire’s new fancy space, it’s quite lively and colorful, just like I knew it would be! xoxo






Images by Fashion Bomb Daily/Matt Harrington for Home Goods

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