Sophia Webster’s Holiday Collection for J.Crew


So I just got back to my laptop when I remembered that I had forgot to go to J Crew’s website this morning to see and buy a pair of Sophia Webster’s new shoes from her holiday collection! Well, I got the pie face just now when I clicked on the site and MOST of all the shoes were sold out! It read, “sorry not available” on a few of them! I almost passed out because it just went live about an hour ago lol. Her shoes are so hot and I wore a pair during NYFW and although they are trendy, cute and stylish…they hurt like hell! I was willing to bare the pain again by purchasing another pair but my favs are gone which are the ones up top! Smh! You can visit the JCrew site to see if they still have any left but trust me, it’s slim pickens! Still enjoy more looks they had after the jump! Happy Hump Day! xoxo





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