Speaking Engagement At Chester Middle School ‘Mentoring Matters’


My heart is full! On Friday, January 31, I did a road trip to Chester, South Carolina in the Toyota Corolla where my cousin Sheka Houston is a school Principal. She invited me to come speak about what I do and to explain why “Mentoring Matters”. It was a room filled with sixth, seventh and eighth graders. I think the auditorium held about 600 people!

They ALL were eager to learn about my career and so much more! The kids were so good too and I think I kept most of their attention lol! During the assembly, I spoke about my past and the adversity I went through as a young person, how I overcame it and how I grew from that experience and moved on.

The kids loved my story and asked lots of questions. Later after leaving, the kids sent me lots of messages telling me that I really inspired them. I also want to give a special shout out to all the faculty and staff for having me plus the Mayor for stopping by! Check out a few snaps from the event. Don’t forget children need guidance and more positive role models and if you can be a mentor to them, please hold that child close to your heart and give them all the help they need, till next time! xoxo

For the event, I wore a Maggy London Barb Fit dress


Fast forward to 9:20

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