Spending Quality Time With Baby Legend

Yesterday afternoon my daughter called me asking if I could come over to watch Baby Legend. She had a doctor’s appointment and had to get her prescriptions filled, so I happily said, sure I would be right over. I love that I live really close to her and I was going to get to spend some quality time with the baby. When I had my kids over 20yrs ago, I didn’t have the luxury of calling my mom or the other grandparents over because everyone worked full time jobs and I just didn’t have the same support.

I always dreamed of being a grandmother, I’m still trying to adjust a bit but glad that Legend is in my life. He is such a good baby and yesterday I got to be with him alone with no-one else in the house. He seems to like me and kinda knows my voice. I swaddled and walked around with him singing and having baby talk. Only time he got fussy was when I changed his diaper, no babies like that when they are so young but we got through it. He made the saddest face and I instantly felt bad because I didn’t want him to cry and quickly picked him up. His cute lil face gets me every time and I can say that yeah I think he is getting spoiled lol. Every time I head over to visit him, I wear brightly colored Disney leggings(I have a ton of them) hoping he can see the colors. It will be awhile before he can actually see anything but I think they are fun to wear lol.

People have asked me over and over again how do I like being a GlamMa and I truly love it. I just want the best for my grandson and I hope that we have a great relationship moving forward. I didn’t get close to my grandmother till near the end. Her and my mom didn’t get along, so we were kept away when I was young. I hope that never happens with my own grandchild but you guys know I’m extremely close with both of my kids. It will be so fun watching the many milestones Legend has and I pray that I’m here to see all that he accomplishes in life.

Sidenote: I wish there was some type of grandma support team etc around here in my area because things have changed so much since I had my kids and the technology and baby gadgets omg, it can be overwhelming! Everything is so different now lol. I had anxiety just trying to figure out his swinging bassinet lol. I need to find a chat room of some sort of online help, to help me out lol. Till next time. xoxo

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