Spotted: Olivia Pope in Burberry


So don’t shoot me and no I have not been under a rock either! It was my very first time ever watching the hit tv series Scandal and I must say, that I LOVED it! I kept getting tweets last night telling me to watch it from the beginning but no need in that, I was just watching for Olivia Pope’s fashions lol. 

Although I did find the show to be very entertaining, well scripted with a banging cast, I’d rather watch something else lol. I went to a watch party last night to kick-off the 3rd season with friends and I had a blast! What I really loved was Oliva’s style and class that she has! The girl is bad and I love seeing African-American women doing their thing! Although I hate drab power suits, I must say that Ms.Pope wears them well. I did spot her in a awesome white coat which was the Burberry double duchess caped trench coat from the spring 2013 collection, she slayed in it for sure! Shout out to all you Gladiators out there! xoxo

Scandal -- Screengrab from exclusive clip.


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