Spotted: Talking With Tami In Tees In The Trap

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I thought I would have a lil fun while out in Los Angeles last week, so I wore this shirt on day 3 lol. I say this saying “Girl Bye” all the time. I found a tee shirt company via Instagram that made so many funny memes that I just had to have this! 

This Girl Bye t-shirt is from a company called, Tees In The Trap and when you visit the site, you will laugh so hard at all the sayings that they have! I was cracking up. When I wore this tee and went around all the other bloggers on my press trip, they didn’t quite understand what it meant. I had to explain that it was a “urban term” that can mean just about anything when you get tired of someone, or in an intense argument and you are at your wits-end and you just say, Girl Bye! LOL! You can still get this tee that retails for $30. xoxo

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