My Style: Ashley Graham X Swimsuits For All Princesa Floral Bikini

This is such a funny story. So I was trying on this bikini to take pictures in for my blog when I asked my son Pootie(who usually takes a lot of my pictures) what did he think about moms wearing bikinis. He looked at me real seriously and said, “no mom should be in a bikini”. My mouth dropped open because what rock does my son live under where women my age that are moms too, can’t wear a bikini? I wanted to shake some sense into him but he then went on to say, “you look ok but you should wear those other kinds”, smh! I guess boys who are protective of their moms feel this way. I’m not sure but thought that was a crazy statement from him lol.

He definitely got his bluntness from me, not his dad lol. Welp, I guess he is going to be frowned up ALL summer long because I have plenty more of these bikinis and will be prancing around in them, so he is going to be “BIG MAD” lol! Anyway, this is another cute floral print two-piece set that was sent to me from the Ashely Graham x Swimsuits For All collection. It’s also National Bikini Day, woot! ┬áMore pics and where to find inside…

Sidenote: Supermodel Ashley Graham recently featured me on her instagram page with other beauties rocking her swimsuit line. I was very honored to say the least. Her post got over 90,000 likes and it also went viral and lots of other media outlets picked up it up. Check it out here.

Location: My Spot

Hair & Makeup: Dootie

Swimsuit: Ashley Graham x Swimsuits For All Princesa Floral Bikni

Sunglasses: Cynthia Bailey Bailey Eyewear

Photographer: Pootie

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