My Style: Running Errands Stripe Trim Jumpsuit

If you have a daughter then you can totally relate to what I am about to say lol. As you know my daughter Dootie has been on a very rigorous weight loss journey! She has loss over 200 lbs and I think she looks pretty darn good! As a teenager and growing up, we have NEVER wore the same size but my gosh, now she STAYS in my closet wearing something of mine lol. I’m wearing about a size 10 now and she is going into a size 8. Now we are starting to feud over borrowed items etc but it’s all good because I love her to pieces although she works my nerves lol. 

Well anyway, I ordered this cute jumpsuit that was sent to me by Fashion Nova and guess who wanted to wear it today for a date that she was going on, that’s right my darn jumpsuit and ofcourse she styled it up totally different than how I would rock it but hey, she is a 20 years old, what else did I expect her to do lol. Check out more pics and where to find and I have a 20% discount code if you like this or something else you may see on the site inside….

Location: My Spot

Hair & Makeup: Dootie

Jumpsuit: Fashion Nova Running Errands Stripe Trim Jumpsuit, use my code XOTAMI for 20% off your next purchase!

My Booties: Shoedazzle Anka Booties

Dootie’s Booties: Shoedazzle Chara Booties

Photographer: Me & Dootie



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4 thoughts on “My Style: Running Errands Stripe Trim Jumpsuit

  1. Awww how cute. My little one is 9. I have a few more years before she’s in my closet. This looks great on both of you.

  2. How awesome! She (and you) look great but especially her! what an awesome weight loss success. My daughter is 19 but very petite so we can’t share too many things but accessories. 🙂 Please do a nice feature on her to have her share a weight loss story.

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