Styling Sunday: Talking With Tami’s Belt Front Jumpsuit

ashley stewart

Happy Mother’s Day to all you stylish moms out there! This morning I went into panic mode because I couldn’t find a suitable outfit to wear to brunch with my daughter and I think I literally tried on about 10 dresses before I thought about picking up this lace jumpsuit yesterday at Ashley Stewart lol. It was in a bag that I had left in the car! It saved the day because it is really hot out today and sunny! I had cute dresses but nothing I wanted to wear to a brunch. So this jumpsuit did the trick for the event. I have had these gold wedges pictured for over 5 years now but I love them to pieces but everyone always ask me where I got them but Bakers doesn’t carry them any longer.

Anywoo, I hope you have fun with your families and treat your mom to something special today or you do something fun! My mama will be here next week and all hell is about to break lose because my mom is a live wire lawd! I talked to her today and she said she got her hair done and she is ready to ride on down to see Dootie’s graduation! It should be fun and I will ofcourse have plenty of pics with my mothers so check back for that! Love you guys for reading and have a peaceful Sunday! More pics inside and where to find, oh yeah, this jumper is on sale now! xoxo

ashley stewart

ashley stewart 1

ashley stewart 2

Location: My Place

Hair  & Makeup: Me

Jumpsuit: Ashley Stewart Belt Front Jumpsuit

Bracelet: Esbe Designs

Shoes: Wedges (very old but my favorite)

Photographer: Dootie



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