SubZero Nitrogen Ice Cream In Atlanta

Sub Zero (Liquid) Nitrogen Ice Cream is really a thing here in Atlanta!  The creators of Peri Peri who own both restaurants treated me for a “Sub Zero” experience. With a blast of LN2 (liquid nitrogen), I watched their liquid treat become a frozen dessert right before my eyes! It was such a cute thing to see in person and everyone was blown away!

As the fog rolls across the counter, I experienced the wonder of science as liquid cream turned to creamy, dense, premium ice cream. I ordered the strawberry cheesecake in a waffle cone. I was able to take my sweet treat home because I was too full but it was so good. They also have a variety of flavors including sugar-free options. See some of the fun inside and stop by if you are in the area!


Sub Zero (Liquid) Nitrogen Ice Cream

250 Park Ave W NW

Atlanta, Ga 30313

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