Sweet Treats That I Adored At Disney Springs

While in Orlando, Florida my friend Jennifer and I stopped by Disney Springs just to do a little shopping and to check out all they had since mostly everything had reopened. I must say that I’ve never paid that much attention to all the sweet treats there, don’t kill me lol. I just usually go to the parks, eat some food and go on the rides, take photos of all the characters and that’s pretty much it. On this particular trip, I really started to pay attention to ALL the sweet treats that’s offered. Not only in the parks but at this huge popular shopping plaza as well. I had NO idea that they put so much effort in creating drooling instagram worthy confections and that’s when I started to take it more seriously.

After a quick google search and looking for certain tags online, it’s a HUGE deal with posting amazing shots of all the sweets that’s offered at Disneyworld and Disney Springs. I had NO clue lol! That’s when my friend Jen and I started taking photos of these pretty sweet treats that we bought. It’s like a whole community of Disney enthusiasts that love to photograph all their lovely desserts and post on all sorts of social media outlets. Especially on Pinterest and Instagram. We stopped by Goofy’s Candy Company and they had a variety of treats, omg! Inside are a few snaps from what we had and I hope you enjoy, stay healthy and be safe!


I Like My Food Mickey-Shaped….

Mickey Mouse chocolate covered apples with sprinkles

Mickey Mouse sprinkled rice crispy treat

Mickey Mouse sprinkled sugar cookie

Goofy Cupcake

Mickey Mouse chocolate covered apple with nuts


Goofy’s Candy Co.

1375 E Buena Vista Dr

Orlando, Florida 32821

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