In Case You Missed It: Lizzo On ‘SNL’

Rapper and Singer Lizzo made an appearance on SNL over the weekend and boy is she getting mixed reviews. Not only did she serve as a host for the late night comedy sketch show but also as the musical guest, good for her! Some say that it went downhill fast as she tried to do her […]

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In Case You Missed It: Janelle James On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

I love Actress and Comedian Janelle James on Abbott Elementary! She made her way onto the Jimmy Kimmel show last night where she talked about playing a dysfunctional school principal on ABC’s hit show “Abbott Elementary,” working with kids on set, her dad’s love of wrestling, getting her start as a stand-up comedian and touring with […]

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Netflix Special: ‘Mike Epps Indiana Mike’

Filmed at the Walker Theatre in his hometown of Indianapolis, with an audience that includes the Mayor, the Indiana Pacers, and his criminal lawyer since 1992, Mike Epps returns for his third hour-long Netflix comedy special. Epps exclaims what he loves about Indiana, his parents’ legacy and much more. Directed by Alfonso Johnson and executive […]

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