Cedric The Entertainer Reflects On His 25-Year Marriage To His Wife

On yesterday’s edition of “Tamron Hall,” iconic actor and comedian Cedric The Entertainer dished on the success of his hit CBS sitcom “The Neighborhood” and bringing Tracy Morgan into the family with the upcoming spinoff “Crutch.” Plus, in a daytime exclusive interview, fitness trailblazer Shaun T and his husband Scott Blokker opened up about their emotional surrogacy journey to become parents to their twin boys, which cost them over $500,000.

Cedric The Entertainer on the success of “The Neighborhood”:

“It’s such a blessing and we just got picked up for season seven. You don’t take that for granted in this day and age. Once you get to, kind of, 100 episodes, they don’t have any reason to keep going in a way. They can be like, ‘we’re done, thank you.’ But I was like okay, I could use a check! But it’s been a blessing. I mean, you know, we have so much fun, me and Tichina, Max and Beth and everybody on the show so.” On how the series pulls ideas from real life, “Marcel [Spears], who plays my youngest son on the show, his girl went into labor at the Beyoncé concert and so that little baby was like, she wanted to see that show. The tickets cost so much money, that little baby was like ‘listen, I want to see what’s going on!’” On his on-screen wife Tichina Arnold emulating his real life wife, “Oh yeah T is great! One of the greatest TV actors of all time. Every show she’s been on has been amazing! So much fun, funny. I mean, so she actually pulls little things from my real wife. Lorna is like this quiet personality that people don’t even – it’s been 25 years [of marriage] in September. She saw me walking through the mall, then fell in love. She was like ‘Oh look at you!’ And I was like ‘What’s up girl?’ You know what I mean?”

Cedric The Entertainer on his new spinoff show with Tracy Morgan and his Las Vegas residency with Toni Braxton:

“So Tracy, we did a show called ‘Crutch,’ he plays my cousin. It’ll be based in Harlem and we’ll shoot it up here in New York…so this is basically loosely based on ‘Sanford and Son’ but basically he is a widowed father and his two adult kids move back into the house and then it goes crazy from there.” On his Las Vegas residency with Toni Braxton, “Toni and I have been friends for a few years. Actually, our kids used to date. Yeah, they’d be watching movies or whatever, hanging out. My daughter, her son. And then you know, we’d be sitting in the kitchen having some wine and talking while they visit and then we become friends, laughing, and so this idea came about for us to do something in Vegas together. Man, it has been such a blast. People have to come see it. It’s really more than just jokes. We come on stage together, we sing, she does some jokes, it’s funny, it’s fun! It’s a good time…People will love it. I want people to come check it out!”


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