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Hey guys, it’s the new year and that means that I would like to change up a few things on my blog. Talking With Tami has been very good to me and I would like to keep blogging for another 8 years! I can’t believe its been that long! I really don’t want to change up that much on my blog, I love the inviting look of it, the colors and layout and how user-friendly it is. I just wanted to tweak it a bit. With that being said, I wanted to chat with you guys about some things about my content.

I am asking you guys, my loyal readers what else do you want to see more of on the site. From fashion posts, to personal stories, let me know what you would be interested in reading more of on my site. I really appreciate your input and with this poll(listed below) that I created, I can do some research to find out what you guys like and want to see!

I’m going to say this now, I do NOT post about negative things happening in the world, people dying and other bad news. It’s not that kinda of site but there are plenty of others out there that do and I know that’s what the norm writes about but I just don’t like to entertain bad news. I also know that people like to read gossip daily but I just kinda shy away from that as well because I find it draining. I do give you the “tea” now and then but I don’t want to make it a daily habit. So please click on the poll and let me know your thoughts or you can also leave me a comment below if you don’t see something you want more of. I will take everything into consideration and thanks for you time! ~Tami

Sidenote: I once had someone email me very upset because they said my blog was not “urban enough”. I never considered myself to be an urban blogger because I feel that my readers come from all over the world, so why would I narrow my site down to just one type of ethnicity lol? That was NEVER my intensions when I started Talking With Tami and I’m sorry that reader felt that way. I want to welcome EVERYONE! xoxo

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3 thoughts on “Talking With Tami Blog Poll

  1. This is my favorite blog. I love personal style because I’m always looking for new ideas and how to do them but I love the other stuff even blogger tips. I’m not a blogger but the tips show what goes into making this happen. I like the product reviews because it’s trying without buying. I’m rambling it’s too early

  2. Okay, I don’t like that we were only able to choose one option (lol), so I had to pick TWT Tea (just because I’m messy like that – hahaa).
    But seriously though, if I could have voted for more than one, I’d love to continue seeing more:
    Personal Style Posts
    Blogging Tips
    & TEA!!!
    Those 3 sections are my favorite that you do!

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