Tamar Braxton Says She’s Ready For Love Again On ‘Jennifer Hudson Show’

Singer and Reality Star Tamar Braxton says she’s ready to find love again. The singer and TV personality appeared on the Jennifer Hudson Show and spoke about her romantic hopes for the future, her experiences on the dating show “Queens Court,” and what it’s like hitting the dating scene at the same time as her mother. More inside and video clip…

Tamar has a 9-year-old son from her previous marriage, and when Jennifer asked her if she wanted more kids, Tamar replied, “I did… but who’s the daddy?” See more inside and video clip….

Perhaps she’ll find her son’s new daddy on “Queens Court,” the new Peacock dating series she signed up for after going through counseling.
Both Tamar and her mother are single and out on the dating scene at the same time. Tamar told Jennifer that she’s hopeful that her mom will find love, too.
“Listen, I’ve been looking for a stepdaddy for at least 15 years,” she said.

“I’m a huge mama’s girl,” she added. “My mother and I live together. It’s a crazy dynamic when we both go out on dates.”
“You know, it’s the older guys, and it’s the little midlife guys, and I just want to tell everyone — they’re all the same,” she continued.
That said, Tamar wouldn’t mind getting together with a younger man. “Ain’t nothing wrong with a junior mint,” she said.

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