Tamar Does A Show In NYC, Talks About More Kids In The Future


A few days ago, singer Tamar Braxton did a show for a Latex Ball in New York City. She was out promoting her new album Love & War and what better way to showcase it! Come inside to see her get her boogy on and what she had to say about having another child.


Tamar recently did an interview where she stated that she thinks one child is enough for her. You know sometimes motherhood is not for everyone and let’s face it, it’s expensive! I don’t have the lifestyle that Ms.Tamar has and she definitely has the coins to take care of many children but you know what, that’s her choice! It may sound selfish & self centered but just because you are a woman, it doesn’t mean you have to hurry up and get married then have 2.5 kids and a dog. Women are making great strives in the world, we are running Fortune 500 companies, opening our own start-up businesses in record numbers, so I don’t judge any woman. I say get you together! I don’t blame Tamar, do you girly! xoxo



Pics by Tamar Braxton Facebook Fanpage

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