Tamron Hall Celebrates Moms With Her Third Annual Mother’s Day Extravaganza

On Friday’s Third Annual Mother’s Day Extravaganza, Tamron Hall threw a magical celebration for the moms and mother figures in the world, starting with a performance from two-time GRAMMY® Award-winning gospel singer-songwriter Tasha Cobbs Leonard. Then, Good American co-founder Emma Grede joined in on the conversation about motherhood and gifted $15,000 of Good American clothing to the deserving founder of The Adopted Closet, Brittany Johnson. Plus, Tamron surprised community leader Shamayim “Mama Shu” Harris with $45,000 worth of books from Better World Books, $25,000 worth of Jansport backpacks and a vacation to Aulani Resort & Spa in Hawaii. More inside and video clip…

Tasha Cobbs Leonard on the big lesson she learned after becoming a mom:

“It has taught me to just let go. I was the ‘hey let’s live in the moment, what’s next, what’s the timeline, what’s the schedule’ [kind of mom] and Asher would be like ‘no, I’m going to take this plate of food and throw it on the floor.’ And I’m like why did you do that? Calm down. Live life. Be free, let us just run around and throw food on the floor. So I’ve learned to just say ‘calm down, Tasha. It’s going to be okay.’”

Emma Grede surprises founder of The Adopted Closet, Brittany Johnson:

“I have to say first of all, I’m so incredibly proud of you as one mom to another. I think what you’re doing is astonishing but I also know how incredibly difficult it is to start something with purpose and with passion. I love that you’ve turned your story into such a positive. So me and the good people at Good American would love to give you $15,000 worth of product for The Adopted Closet to propel your dreams and what you’re doing. You should be so proud of yourself. It’s incredible what you’re doing.” 



Tamron was wearing Zimmerman

Photo Credit: DISNEY/Jeff Neira

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