Tamron Hall Shares How Her Late Father Inspired Her Debut Cookbook

On the Friday, March 29 edition of “Tamron Hall,” the host and executive producer kicked off the mouthwatering Spring Tasting Table by revealing details from her upcoming cookbook, “A Confident Cook.” Set to be released in September, the cookbook is co-written alongside one of Hall’s dearest friends, James Beard Award-winning chef Lish Steiling.

On the inspiration behind her upcoming cookbook, Hall shared, “This has been a baby that’s been baking in the oven, you might say. Tam Fam, 79 recipes. A true look into my life at home and my journey to become a confident cook. I went from, in 2008, never really cooking and losing my father who cooked every meal for us, and my love letter and thank you to him in heaven was to set out on becoming a confident cook.” Tamron added, “What I love about this cookbook is that it was shot at my home in Sag Harbor. So you get to see a lot of personal photos that I’ve never shared before…I’m nervous about this because I really went from never cooking to now cooking probably five days a week for my family. I talk to you a lot about leaps of faith and betting on yourself – this was a leap of faith truly born from my love of my father and the love of family and what we can create together in the kitchen.”

Tamron then welcomed renowned chefs Scotley Innis, Samah Dada and Josh Capon who showcased delicious recipe ideas for Easter, Ramadan and Passover, respectively, as well as Autumn Moultrie who brought tasty treats from her bakery, Bread and Butter. See a video clip inside…



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