Teresa Giudice’s Husband Explains Why The RHONJ Cast Members “Came For Him”

Today, “Real Housewives of New Jersey’s” Teresa Giudice and husband Louie Ruelas sit down for their first live daytime talk show interview with talk show host Sherri Shepherd to talk about married life, their wedding special, “Teresa Gets Married,” and to set the record straight about this season’s RHONJ drama. Louie also disclosed that cast members on RHONY are only attacking him because they really want to come for his wife (Teresa’s) seat.  The couple also discussed their love life. When Sherri asked them when they love to have “sexy time,” Teresa said she loves having it with Louie “all night long” while his response was only “30 minutes to an hour.” See the video clip inside…

Sherri: Were you surprised when all the women came for you?

Louie Ruelas: No, because they are fighting for my wife’s seat. So they have to. So, they’re not going to go for her,  they are going to come for me. I’m next in line. A lot of what I expected but then I was like,  “damn they really want your seat bad.”

Sherri: And you found that out rather quickly.

Teresa: And they can’t come for me so they want to come for my honey, and I was like, “no, you’re not doing that.”

Newlyweds Teresa Giudice & Louie Ruelas Disagree About Sexy Time & Disclose Their Worst Habits During a Game

Sherri: What would Teresa say is Louie’s most annoying habit?

Louie: Smoking cigarettes.

Teresa: I said he has none. But I don’t like that. I’m going to get a hypnotist.

Sherri: What’s your ideal amount of time for “sexy time?” Teresa, what’s your answer girl?

Teresa: All night long!

Sherri: So, Louie, do you go all night long, baby?

Louie: In spurts – but it’s just like 30 minutes

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