The 2023 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro i-Force Max Won Me Over!

Yes you read the title correctly! I really LOVED test-driving the new 2023 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro! I normally drive luxury vehicles, suv’s and cars but this time around I wanted something different for a quick road trip to Nashville, Tennessee with a friend. My buddies over at Toyota offered me a car or this Tundra and I wanted to try something a bit more edgy, so I opted out for something fun plus I loved the bright orange color of this truck!

This is such a great vehicle to take on the open road and especially in the mountains of Tennessee! It was such a pretty drive and this truck handled the road very well! I’m not a big person, so if I can drive this truck with ease, so can you! The steering, mirrors and seats were very accommodating for my size. Only gripe I have about this truck is that it doesn’t have a side step to get up in it, omg! Its sits very tall, so I had to jump in and out of it and I can see over time, that would be an issue for me lol. I’m sure you can order it separately though. It’s just that this particular model didn’t have one.

It’s such a beautiful ride though and I felt completely safe and secure! The safety controls, driver assistance technology, blind spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert, touch screen panel, storage, cargo space and audio was superb and it had all your bells and whistles that you can imagine! I enjoyed the panoramic sunroof, the sporty wheels and side styling. The engineering of this truck is pretty solid! It got lots of looks and stares on the road and the gas was pretty good which I was afraid of. I do a lot of city driving and I was pretty concerned.

This Tundra is a hybrid, so that worked out pretty good plus it’s a 437-hp twin turbo V-6. Would I buy this truck? I absolutely would buy it in a heartbeat for a second vehicle. If I owned some sort of business hauling things etc. Or if I lived in a rural area or far away from the city. Its just fun to drive and something out of the norm. I’m such a glam girl so yeah, it might not work for my lifestyle, but it sure was amazing to test-drive! See more info on it here and this model starts at $79,270. more inside….

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