The All-New Lexus GX 460 Premium

My oh my, to be rich and not have a care in the world! That’s what I kept thinking about when I test-drove the all-new Lexus 2017 GX 460 Premium! Why did they give me this SUV to drive for a week? I was livid when they came to get it today because I had gotten accustomed to the “good life”. I lived in the lap of luxury if only for a week lol. If you have a large family or plan on having one, then this vehicle is for you or if you just LOVE driving huge SUV’s. I personally thought it was just too much truck for lil ol’ me. But boy did folks get out of my way because of the size of it, as I headed to events, ran errands and did a lil shopping for my family, it’s back to school time in my house. This vehicle just looks good on the road and people treat you nicer when you step out of it! Ain’t that funny? Looks are so deceiving lol. It handled well on the freeway, a bit tricky to park but glad that I had the rear-view camera to help me out to squeeze in small spaces. It was so comfortable to drive too with the leather captain chairs.

I loved the huge sunroof that I kept open the entire time I had it. Something about looking up and glaring at the stars at night and listening to smooth jazz as I cruised down the road. Oh yeah, I can’t leave out that I felt like I was just sitting in the vehicle on auto-pilot because it was so smooth and you hardly felt a bump. I thought I would get sick of it after a day or so because of it’s massive size but I didn’t and I kept thinking of places to go with it lol. I have been late Spring cleaning my place, had brand new carpet installed, so I’ve been hauling away a lot of old things and boy did this truck come in handy! With the roomy rear trunk space, I was finished in a snap! Thanks Lexus for letting me kick it in this whip, it was a blessing and I felt special driving this SUV that turned heads, helped me with my hauls of unwanted items back and forth to Goodwill and for all the meet ups & lunch dates with friends. xoxo

Options In the Lexus GX 460 Premium:

Starfire Pearl White Color

Four-Wheel Drive

Headlamp Washers

Blind Spot Monitor With Rear Cross-Traffic Alert

Wood and Leather Trimmed Steering Wheel and Shift Knob

Sport Design Package With Captain Chairs

Starts at $57,120 to find out more visit

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