The Chilli Project viewing party

Chilli looking like sunshine

Pop singer and reality tv star, Rozanda “Chilli” Thomas had a viewing party last night at Ludacris spot Straits. Her publicist Christal Nims said that Chilli wanted to have an intimate affair with close friends and wanted to keep it simple. We reviewed the show,Chilli Project and I must say ,I loved it!  Maybe I loved it even more because you can see me chatting away several times in the background in a raspberry colored dress ha!

Chilli’s publicist Christal Nims and Celeb Photographer Calvin Evans

Radio Personalities Miss Sophia & Wanda Smith from V103

Tisha, Me, Monica and Jayda Boo

Keisha McCotry and I

The Chilli Project is a new reality  show that I would like to say is quite different than what you would normally see on Vh1. Chilli said she fought to keep african american people in a good light. The show was funny and her relationship coach, really brings the heat with her sassiness and bluntness.

I loved her slingback wedge shoes she was wearing and she said they were Guiseppe Zanoitti’s. Wow thats 3 times, I’ve mentioned their shoes on my blog in this last week lol. Chilli’s outfit was very cute.

Chilli’s Guiseppes Zanoitti wedges

There is also a some scenes with her ex beau Dallas Austin, plus her friend Floyd Mayweather. Floyd and Chilli have great chemistry on camera and the photo shoot scene (shot my Calvin Evans) makes you wonder if there is really a relationship brewing off set… hmm? Well the show premiers on Sunday April 11th on Vh1, tune in to watch! I would like to thank Christal Nims of Enchanted Pr for the personal invite! I would also like to thank Paras Griffin of G Paras Photography for taking these fab pics!

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