The Father Daughter Experience


Tyra and Terrell

Saturday afternoon my daughter and my husband got to experience a wonderful day together. I had to fly around town to find my daughter and pretty dress, that was not easy since she is a tween and very picky! I was so mad I couldn’t go because I am in love with Princess things but I sat back and let my hubby be in control. My husband is not really the type to go out  but said he would take my daughter to an event about The Father and Daughter Experience at Body of Christ Church International.


Tyra all sparkly, styled by me! Woot!

This event was hosted by Liquid Soul Media and Ed Gordon who is the founder of Daddy’s Promise and also an award winning journalist. You may remember him on the news over at B.E.T.He has a daughter who is 18 yr old now. The kids got to see behind the scenes footage of Princess and the Frog,try the new line dance Wii game, learn how to cook with well renowned chefs from New Orleans, and sign a daddy’s promise letter. They also got balloons, face paintings, and great eats and great goody bags!


Ed Gordon and the girlies

I cant really tell you guys much because I wasn’t there and my hubby is not much for words lol. He said it was fun. I was like, Okay? Well can you elaborate a lil more? When I texted and called him last night he said he could’nt talk to me because they were cooking and hung up lol. I take it they had a great time.My daughter who is very shy, said it was fun too! She came home with all sorts of goodies and treats and a huge balloon.


Tyra looking like a princess!

See thats why mama needed to be there because I would have given the grapes(scoop). I would have had details and everything. They tried, I guess. Here are the pics from the event, I’m glad that they got a chance to spend some much needed daddy and daughter time together. I don’t know my dad, so this was very heartfelt for me and to see the pics of them together, ok i’m done now before I start crying. Enjoy!


Terrell, Tyra and Liquid Soul Media

Here is the Daddy’s Promise Letter that my daughter and hubby signed together, you should copy and give to the dads out there!

Daddy’s Promise:

Dear ____

I make a pledge to you because I love you!

I promise to always support you,no matter the conditions.

I promise to keep you safe no matter the danger, yet let you grow and live your life.

I promise to be your rock and give you encouragement in times of need.

I promise to always respect you and live as an example of what a good man should be.

I promise to share my knowledge,my mistakes, and my lessons so you gain wisdom from my life.

I promise,whenever I can, to make your road smoother.

I promise to answer when you call,be there when you need me an even when you think you don’t!

I promise to show you how important you are to me!

I promise that I will always be in your life and be the best father I can be!

(And most of all) I promise A LIFETIME OF LOVE!!!!!!

Love, Daddy

Thanks so much for allowing my family to come out to your wonderful event, it was magical for them!



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