The Hundred-Foot Journey To Le Cordon Bleu #100FootJourneyEvent

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While out in Los Angeles with Disney (and other enthusiastic bloggers) I got a chance of a lifetime to recreate a dish at the famous Le Cordon Bleu inspired by the upcoming film The Hundred-Foot Journey! I was super psyched since I really and truly am a foodie and who doesn’t like to try new cuisines right? 

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Chef Chanel Martinez welcoming us eager students!

First we got a tour of Le Cordon Bleu with instructor Chef Chanel Martinez where she showed us around, we met other instructors and students. Hey, I can cook a lil bit but my husband is the real cook in the house. All those industrial sized ovens and refrigerators were a bit intimidating to me, I was on pins and needles…yikes! I’m personally more of a baker instead of a cook, since I have such a sweet tooth! I still was game though!



Later they paired us in groups and my partner was Zippy(ChampagneLiving). She also was my dance partner throughout the whole trip lol. We both are real party gals! We both had puzzled looks on our faces and didn’t have any idea as to what was about to happen, lawd!

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Quiche Lorraine, Salad, Grilled Kabobs

Before we started clinking pots and pans, we had a chance to take a few bites from a prepared dish on our tables which consisted of a Quiche Lorraine, Salad and Boeuf Bourguignon. It was very tasty, yum! I was getting excited to cook now, yay!

Afterwards, Zippy and I headed to our cooking station, put on our aprons and we were ready to get our “Chef Boyardee” on! LOL! The food we were preparing was a bit of French and Indian food with a twist. Both cultures were included in the film too. Next thing we know, a very flavorful character hit the scene and that was Chef Carlos Mulia. He was so much fun to watch and demonstrated what we were going to prepare!

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Chef Carlos Mulia hard at work!

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With the help of our instructors we started to slice and dice, toss, marinate and grill! Before we knew it, dinner was served! I had a very nice time learning all the different techniques and education on all things food! It was a quick lesson and I really wish we could have had more time but I learned so much. I really have respect for Chefs now, their job is not as easy as it looks. After we all had prepared our food, we sat down to try it. Not one person passed out or fainted, so I assumed everything was good lol! Later we got to caramelize our very own Chai Creme Brûlées! Oh what a treat it was. I never knew how restaurants prepared this kind of dessert but it was delish! I want to thank Disney and the staff at Le Cordon Bleu for the amazing experience! What a treat for sure! xoxo

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My Parisian Mumbai Salad, yum!

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My Creme Brûlée, magnificent! LOL!


Oh guys don’t forget, The Hundred-Foot Journey hits theaters Friday, August 8th, 2014.

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