The Making Of A Pair of Giuseppe Zanotti ‘Cruel’ Crystal Sandals

cruel sandal

I will admit that I am such a shoe fanatic! I’m totally obsessed with fancy shoes and I have a closet full of them. When it comes to luxury designer shoes though, I don’t own many pairs because I put that on the back burner when I started my family. My daughter Dootie graduates from beauty school next week, so I’m too excited because tuition fees will be over and just maybe I can start buying a few pairs again lol.

Shoe designer Giuseppe Zanotti just put out a cool video showing the making of how he constructs the Cruel sandal. I was so fascinated with the craftsmanship. The sandal was inspired by Baroque sculptures. I had the pleasure of meeting him here in Atlanta a few years ago when he opened his store at Phipps Plaza. So check out the video inside and Happy Monday everyone! 

The summer’s CRUEL sandal features an intricate leaf design. A signature piece of Giuseppe Zanotti’s work, the Cruel shoes showcase his bold, daring aesthetic. In mirrored leather and reflective metal, this pair will grab the spotlight.

cruel sandal

cruel sandal

Cruel crystal sandals retail for $2,195

cruel sandals


Check out the video: 


Images via Giuseppe

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