THE REAL: All New! Adrienne’s Revealing Experience With A Fan At A Korean Day Spa

On Monday, June 1, on an ALL-NEW The Real, the ladies discuss whether they would feel comfortable visiting a Korean day spa where the patrons are often nude. Co-host Adrienne Houghton admits to being a regular at a spa and tells of a very revealing run-in with a fan of the show!

And, what would the hosts’ exes say about them if asked? The ladies get real candid about what they’d expect to hear from their former flames.

Then, Adrienne has an epiphany during Girl Chat that she is the only Latina host at the table. She explains why after six seasons she’s just now having that realization, and how she feels when she’s the only person of color in a group.


Adrienne Had A Very Revealing Encounter With A Fan At A Korean Spa

Loni Love: (To Tamera Mowry-Housley) Would you go to the spa?

Tamera Mowry-Housley: I would go to the spa. But, I would…

Loni: Naked?

Tamera: No. No. But that’s just me!

Adrienne Houghton: Loni! Loni! One of the girls that was in the thing with me– I was completely naked. My hoo-ha was out and everything. And she was like, “I’ve sat in your audience at The Real before. You’re great on there.”

Adrienne: And I was like…

Tamera: No!

Adrienne: I swear! I would give her a shout out but her name is not coming to me right now. She told me her name. She’s like, “Yeah, I go to your audience all the time.”

Tamera: Was she like sitting there just like staring at you?

Adrienne: But, I’m talking we was there like, “Ha”. (sits in her chair as if she is very relaxed)

Tamera: No.

Jeannie Mai: Yeah. Yeah.

Adrienne: Yes! And I was in the tub that didn’t have the bubbles so you can see right through. Yeah.

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