THE REAL: All New! Jeannie Owes Her Success To A Bad Break-Up Early In Her Career

On Monday, March 23, on an all-new The Real, the ladies discuss the many ways of getting over a bad break-up. Co-host Jeannie Mai owes her success in life to walking away from a deep long-ago relationship and succeeding despite her ex.

Then, is the honor roll at school an antiquated accomplishment? Co-host Tamera Mowry-Housley takes pride in having made the honor roll twice during her youth, especially since she did it while  filming Sister, Sister at the same time!

And, co-host Adrienne Houghton reveals she hates trying on clothes so much that she has a closet full of unworn garments with the tags still on them and often gives them away.

Jeannie Is Where She Is Right Now Because She Walked Away From A Bad Relationship.

Jeannie Mai: But, I got this thing called pride in me that’s the type of pride of my worth, what I’m valued– how I value myself. So, I don’t wanna let this boy see me be a crying hot mess. This face was not meant for the ugly cry. No, it wasn’t. (Smiles at the camera)

Loni Love: (Laughs)

Amanda Seales: No, it wasn’t.

Jeannie: So, that said, I think Beyoncé  put it best when she said, “The best revenge is in your paper.”  You put all of that anger and all of that– that’s a lot of energy. Get there with me for a second. All that energy to go and exhausted into, (pretends to punch the table) “Ooh, you better, ooh, ooh!” All that can be put into something that’s gonna bless you and benefit you. I promise you– the reason why…

Jeannie: The reason why I’m here right now… The reason why my career is here is because I walked away from a break-up. I had a break-up. I was actually– I was in a really, really deep relationship. It didn’t work out. And I packed my car, and I drove six hours away to L.A. where I said, “Every single time I think about this boy, every time I hurt, I cry, I see a news heading about him, I’m going to do something for my career.” I booked an audition. I went and worked out. I got my body checked. I learned how to do my makeup. I did everything I needed to do…

Jeannie: And I am literally in this career ‘cause that guy!

Photos: Robert Voets/Warner Bros. Television

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