THE REAL: All New! Tamera Deals With Insecurities About Her Stretch Marks And Garcelle Beauvais From RHOBH Stops By!

On Friday, March 27, on an all-new The Real, it’s a Viewers’ Choice Fri-Yay! The hosts answer Girl Chat topic questions from viewers including a mother that is anxious about her post-baby body and is asking for advice on how to improve her self-image. Co-host Tamera Mowry-Housley draws from her own experience of being insecure about stretch marks and that she works on acceptance of her body every day.

Then, Tamera and co-host Loni Love advise a young girl who’s being bullied for having a darker skin tone. Loni points out that she, Tamera and co-host Amanda Seales are three women of different color and they are “all beautiful in their own way”. Tamera recalls the advice she once received from her mother after being judged for her skin color by a childhood playmate.

Later, actress and reality star Garcelle Beauvais stops by to talk about joining the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, experiencing a more emotional side of herself during taping of the show, and reuniting with the cast of Coming To America for its sequel.

Tamera Still Deals With Insecurities About Her Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Adrienne Houghton: Anybody here does not have stretch marks?

Loni Love: Exactly.

Adrienne: Right? Not one person put their–

Amanda Seales: I don’t have stretch marks.

Loni: (To Amanda) You don’t have stretch marks?

Amanda: (Shakes her head)

Loni: Because you’re thin.

Tamera: Or… something that you don’t like about your body, though.

Jeannie Mai: No. That’s not true. Thin people have stretch marks, too. But, that’s great!

Tamera: Yeah. Yeah.

Adrienne: But, they’re more common than not. You know what I’m saying?

Loni: A lot of the time, stretch marks are because, one- you could have lost weight. Maybe you’ve had your children. I would think of it in a different, positive way…

Adrienne: Growing.

Loni: Where, if those stretch marks are on my stomach because of my baby… (To Tamera) Can I say it? I tell her this all the time. I said, “You have two beautiful children. That is your pride mark. That’s a beauty mark.”

Loni: “Don’t feel bad about that!”

Tamera: True. I am currently still going through that.

Amanda: Can I ask you that?

Tamera: Yeah.

Amanda: I feel like sometimes, like, there’s things you may not like about your body and then people kinda like inadvertently make you feel bad about you feeling bad about it. Do you know what I mean?

Tamera: Yes! If I’m honest… my daughter is four and the second child. My skin is, I mean, it’s stretched a lot more, and I am still working on accepting that every single day. Some days, I’m like, “Yes! This was a beautiful house that kept my children safe. You know, I have two beautiful children and there are women out there who would love to have kids and be fine with those stretch marks.” And then there are days that I’m like, “Urrr! I hate this! I feel very insecure. I don’t wanna put on uh, you know, a bathing suit.” And my husband, he loves me as I am…

Tamera: Thank you! But, at the same time…

Amanda: But that’s not– that’s you!

Loni: As a friend, I would not let her feel–  I’m a friend and I’m not gonna let my friend feel bad.

Loni: If that– it’s my job to say, “You look beautiful to me. Now, if you wanna keep feeling bad all day, fine. But, I’m gonn’ tell you that you look good. ”

Tamera: That’s on me. (Laughs) I will tell you this, it gets better…

Jeannie: Yes.

Tamera: It gets better each and every day. I’ve learned to accept… that.

Amanda: And I think there is a power in just being like, “Yeah, I don’t really like my stretch marks. But, we out here.” You know what I mean? Like, you know it’s just like…

Loni: But, it’s different women…

Tamera: (Laughs) Acceptance.

Adrienne: Acceptance. Again, it doesn’t mean you have to be like, “I love this!” But, you just gotta accept it and be, like, “This is what it is.”

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