THE REAL: All New! Why Loni & Jeannie Decided To Share Their Relationships On Social Media

On Thursday, March 26, on an all-new The Real, the ladies discuss why most people feel obligated to share their relationship statuses on social media.  Co-hosts Loni Love and Jeannie Mai explain why they decided to go public with their respective relationships when they did instead of keeping them private.

And, when is the right time to voice your expectations regarding sex after entering into a new relationship? Loni prefers to get the topic out into the open pretty quickly and gives an example of how she thinks that conversation should go. Meanwhile, Jeannie and co-host Adrienne Houghton would rather see what their new partner has to offer in the bedroom first!

And, co-host Tamera Mowry-Housley confesses she can be so loud in bed that her husband Adam often has to assist her in containing her boisterous outbursts. Surprisingly, his actions have the opposite effect! Check out more pictures and a video clip inside…

Why Loni & Jeannie Decided To Share Their Relationships On Social Media When They Did

Jeannie Mai: I would have loved to stay private about my current relationship. But, it became, um, it became weird to have to bob and weave and hide.

Loni Love: Mmhm.

Jeannie: Something that’s happening that’s so organic and natural.

Loni: Right.

Tamera Mowry-Housley: Yeah.

Jeannie: So, we were actually dating for a whole year and then we went public. So, people flipped out because it felt too soon too quick.

Loni: Yeah. And they don’t know because they– it ain’t none of their business!

Jeannie:  ‘Cause they don’t know. Right!

Jeannie: (To Loni) How long did you wait before you shared James?

Loni: It’s what, what, about a year.

Tamera: A year.

Jeannie: A year. So, you guys did the same thing that we did.

Loni: Yeah, it was like a year. But, it’s like…

Jeannie: Did– When you guys went– When you guys went out in public… (To Tamera) Sorry, Tam. I just wanna ask this. (To Loni) When you went out in public were you afraid fans would see you and catch you with James? And then… get pictures?

Loni: No.  No, it wasn’t even about that. It’s my business!

Jeannie: Right. Right.

Loni: Social media, to me, is not my life…

Jeannie: So, you didn’t even hide it.

Loni: It’s a part of my life. But, it’s not my life….

Tamera: But, did you tell…

Loni:  I’m not about to let nobody, no stranger, control my relationship and tell me something.

Tamera: I understand that. I understand that. Did you tell your…

Adrienne Houghton: But, at some point you did. So, why?

Loni: Well, because the fact is, you know, I’m on a show. It’s something different. I’m talking about, if I was private I probably would have never out him on… until I got married… if I get married…

Tamera: Would you tell some of your friends?

Loni: I’m not saying I’m married. I’m not…

Adrienne: I heard “If”. I heard “If”.

Tamera: Loni, I have a question.

Adrienne: Never heard that before.

Tamera: I have a question. I have a question.

Loni: And, more importantly… let me tell you what happened. My E.P. ran into a party with me. It was Dr. Drew’s party, and I didn’t know that she was gonna be there. I would never had James to come.

Tamera: So, that was my question for you. Did you not even tell some of your friends? Your mom?

Loni: No, my friends knew.

Tamera: Okay, they knew.

Loni: But you guys, you know, you all summer. So, in Summer we don’t really contact each other.

Jeannie: That’s the same thing that…

Loni: So, all this was going– (To Jeannie) yes. Thank you!

Jeannie: When Malika took the picture at my birthday party and posted it, we were so bummed about that ‘cause…

Adrienne: Who told you about it?

Jeannie: Who told? (To Adrienne) Did you?

Adrienne: Yes!

Jeannie: Wait! Wait! Wait! You did! Oh my God!

Loni: See?

Jeannie: Yo! That’s right! Oh my God! And…

Adrienne: I said, “Yo, Jeannie, there’s a picture up on Instagram and I’m pretty sure it’s not supposed to be there!”

Jeannie: And I checked… and I checked, like, The Shade Room…

Tamera: Who posted it?

Adrienne: Malika!

Tamera: Oh!

Jeannie: And I saw it up…

Loni: The Shade Room got it and they were basically… outted.

Jeannie: (Runs over to Adrienne and hugs her) Friend! You’re a real one! Oh my God! I totally forgot! Thank you!


Images by Robert Voets/Warner Bros Television

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