The Real From Home: Finesse Mitchell On “Quarantine Jokes” and The Ladies Talk Virtual Strip Clubs!

On Wednesday, May 6, on The Real From Home, each co-host brings Girl Chat from her home, during the current pandemic.

Actor and comedian Finesse Mitchell visits from his home to discuss his series Outmatched. He also discusses the idea of “quarantine jokes” and how he knows when it’s safe to make them.

The hosts discuss the idea of virtual strip clubs and co-host Jeannie Mai shares that she has some friends who dance in the outlets. She supports the idea of them safely making money this way and also reveals she is a proud client!

And the ladies are excited about the return of drive-in movie theaters! Co-host Adrienne Houghton has never been to one, and her co-hosts reminisce about their outings and extol the virtues of the entertaining venues.

Finesse Mitchell On “Quarantine Jokes”

Finesse Mitchell: I haven’t really written any, you know, “quarantine jokes.” I did have one, and I was like, “Man, this is the first time that you can see –” and I don’t know how this going to play, I ain’t said it on stage yet – but I was like, “Man, this is the first time you can see white people coming, and you could be the first one to walk across the street! ‘Nah, I’m good.’” [Laughs]

Loni Love: Yeah, got it.

Finesse: So that’s a – that’s a “club joke,” that, you know, my mixed fan base would get. But other than that – you gotta write – you gotta, you gotta write in a way that – you’ll know if it’s not funny. And some people now – and Loni will know this, Amanda you’ll know this – you know some people come to the clubs now not to laugh. And if the whole room is busting out, but you see that one face like [makes a mad face]. Then you know it’s a good joke. You know that person didn’t come to laugh anyway.

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