The Toys R Us Adventure In Atlanta

On Friday afternoon, I was invited out along with my grandson Baby Legend to check out Toys R Us and Candytopia new indoor play land! I was too excited to experience this adventure plus I knew that Legend would enjoy it too especially with the bright colors, toys and all the characters there. Once we arrived, we explored mind-blowing rooms with very cool installations designed around kid friendly brands that we all know and love.

We played in a safari room, disco castle, and an area to build your own house. The staff was very friendly and helpful and they were dancing and singing along with us. It was something for all ages to see and participate in. If you live in the Buckhead area or plan on visiting, you should stop by, it’s so much fun for the whole family. It’s definitely a place to take very pretty insta-worthy snaps for sure! Get tickets here More pics inside and Toys R Us Adventure is here till January 2020, till next time!

Lenox Marketplace in Buckhead

3535 Peachtree Rd NE Suite 100

Atlanta, Ga

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