Thrift Store Find: Sparkly 70’s Gown


I had a lil photoshoot and interview with friends Max of Codex Collective Studios and Tene Gabriel the other day. We had a blast and took lots of shots. I didn’t know that I would be posing with this muscle car though that pulled up on set! 



My hubby and I love old-school rides and this 1970 Cutlass S Holiday Coupe was awesome! I couldn’t wait to check it out and it purred like a kitten! We shot these pics “Gorilla style” right on a main street by my house! It was super cool and many onlookers stopped, junked and starred as we kept on shooting away! I’m wearing a vintage dress from the 70’s I’ve had in my closet for about 8 years, never bothered to wear it, I just liked looking at it hang lol. I pulled it out for the shoot, its so pretty in person and has a very shimmery sparkly material to it. I bought it down the street from me at a thrift store in Buford, Ga and paid like $3 for it. It didn’t have a label in it but Im sure someone handmade it. One of my precious keepsakes for sure! Happy Tuesday! xoxo




Images provided by Max/CodexStudios/TeneGabriel


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