Tilda Swinton For NARS Cosmetics


Congrats goes out to actress Tilda Swinton she has become the Spring 2015 face of NARS Cosmetics. If there’s one thing you can count on from the man who brought the world Orgasm blush, it’s that he’s going to do the unexpected. 

François Nars doesn’t like to do anything predictable, even in his choice of campaign models, the latest of whom is quirky British actress Tilda Swinton who will be the face of Nars’ spring campaign. Past choices have included Charlotte Rampling and Daphne Guinness.

“I love [Tilda’s] bold style and really admire her work,” Nars told WWD, adding that he chose the fiftysomething Swinton in part because of the roles she chooses as an actress, such as in the films “We Need to Talk About Kevin” and “The Grand Budapest Hotel.”

“As an actress, she brings such strong personality to the camera,” continued Nars. “And as a woman, she lives the experience of transformation and expression.”

The mutual admiration society is, well, mutual. “I met François only recently, having long been an admirer of his from afar for many years,” Swinton said. “I liked him immensely and immediately and we were eager, from that first session, to do more things together. [The shoot was] the greatest of fun — supremely nice people, full of ease and play.”

Nars, unlike most makeup artists, shoots his own campaigns. He shot four portraits of Swinton — the ads will run from January through April — each portrait revealing one of the four makeup collections. First up is a visual in support of the Eye-Opening Act, a limited-edition color collection with prices ranging from $28 to $48. The eye-related color collection bows in Nordstrom and in Nars boutiques in January. Nars noted that each ad will show Swinton in a different way, revealing the character behind each collection.

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