Tips On Dressing Well While At Work

I have been so busy that I almost forgot to mention a career change in my life! I took on a part-time job working for the State and I really, really like it! My mom is ill and I’m trying my best to help her out with bills etc.

I am currently working for the Department of Labor! If you’re not familiar, they foster, promote, and develop the welfare of the wage earners, job seekers, and retirees of the United States; improve working conditions; advance opportunities for profitable employment; and assure work-related benefits and rights.

I’m sure you guys remember them because a lot of us relied on them during the pandemic and received benefits from them! It was a disaster, headache and frustrating for most because they got slammed and I know I didn’t get my unemployment checks for about 6 months because of the backlog. People like me who was considered “gig” worker were very grateful that the Government gave us money because without them, things would have looked a lot different for me and others out there lol!

I work for Reasa (Reemploymnet Services and Eligibility Assessment Grants). The RESEA CRTA grant supports the assessment and development of strategies for improving the current service delivery approaches through a learning framework and a strong community of practice (CoP) with state and local leaders from the workforce development system.

Sometimes people that receive unemployment benefits get randomly selected and have to come in for a workshop! I’m the person that conducts the workshops and get them back on track! I help with updating their resumes, help them maneuver with online services and talk about grants and other programs out there that they may not know about. I also get to talk about dressing for success! This job was right up my alley, oh my goodness!

Its a lot of fun and my schedule is pretty flexible which I’m grateful for because I still run this site and I still cover lots of events in and out of the city. I love the job and the staff so far lol! While working for a few weeks now, I have had to change up my wardrobe just a bit. I get tons of compliments on my work attire and I thought to put together a list of things that can help you dress well while at work, see more inside…

Tips For Dressing Well While At Work:

Choose clothes that align with your workplace dress code, opting for well-fitted attire in neutral colors. Invest in quality basics and add accessories for a polished touch. Pay attention to grooming, and make sure your clothes are clean and wrinkle-free.

Consider the workplace dress code and choose professional. Invest in versatile pieces, stick to a cohesive color palette, and pay attention to grooming details. Tailored outfits that reflect your personal style can contribute to a polished and confident professional appearance.

Pay attention to grooming, including clean shoes and well-maintained attire. Confidence and professionalism go hand in hand with a thoughtfully curated work wardrobe.

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