Trent Harmon SLAYS Song ‘Chandalier’ On ‘American Idol’ Finals!

trent harmon

Yesterday evening I was at home doing my normal, house cleaning etc when I heard this angelic voice on my tv! I did a double take and noticed that my tv screen was set on Fox’s American Idol. I will be the first to say that I can not stand singing competition shows, hell I don’t really like or blog about anything musically if you think about it, it just gets on my nerves lol. Don’t ask me why, but don’t get me wrong I do like some music stuff, artists etc but I’d rather be consumed with beauty & fashion lol.

But chile when I heard finalist Trent Harmon belt out one of my favorite tunes Chandelier by Sia, I had to take a minute and sit down and look at his whole performance. He slayed that song and it gave me chills! I have the video inside if you missed it and tonight they will announce the winner for their final season. I hope he wins, Trent has an amazing voice and he’s a true talent. I’ve NEVER watched one episode of this popular tv show but I heard it was really good. Were you a fan of it?

Update: Congrats Trent WON!



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