True Confession: How My Childhood Inspired Me

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(Me center with white & black dress on)

I was visiting my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio a few months ago. Everytime I go home I try to stop by my favorite great auntie’s house. Her name isĀ Aunt Marilyn and she was married to my grandmother’s brother name Harold. We affectionately called him “Uncle Bro” and he was such a sharp dresser and big inspiration to me.

When I was a young girl, I would always go over there house and Aunt Marilyn would bake all sorts of cakes. I would sit and watch her for hours and she would let me lick the bowl lol. They were the sweetest couple to me and treated me like their own daughter. Later on when I opened my very own nail salon, my Uncle Bro would come get his nails done by me faithfully. He passed away when I moved here to Atlanta, I was heartbroken. I miss him so much. I snapped this picture above while visiting my aunt. It’s a photo they showed me at their daughter’s Rochelle’s wedding. Me, along with my mom(black dress & up-do) my big sis and cousins at the wedding. It was 1973, I was 5 yrs old. I had just lost my two front teeth lol.

For some reason, when I look at this photo, I start to cry. I look at this photo for hours. I just keep thinking about how young and innocent I was. I kept thinking about all the bad things I saw growing up. I often think about what I could have done to change so much that was going on around me. Then I start to smile and think about all the happy times too. Like all the fashion that was around me. Back then, EVERYONE dressed to impress. My family was big dressers and my mom influenced me so much because she really loved it. In this photo you can’t see my mom’s face but she would sit me up on the counter in her bathroom and talk to me while she put on her makeup. She would let me help her get ready and hand her stuff. She loved to wear eyelashes and still does till this day. She never left the house without looking her best. My Uncle Bro was the same way, always a sharp dresser and that is what influenced me so much till this day.

I always looked up to my mother when I was a little girl. She taught me so much about class, image and how to conduct myself like a young lady at all times. I will always remember that about her. Its funny how sometimes you look back on life and wonder how it all comes full circle. Till next time! xoxo


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  1. A nice reflection. Yes, our parent’s generation used to dress to the nines!! I also loved watching and helping my mom get dress for events.

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