True Confession: It Felt Good To Be All Natural, Even For Just One Day!


Awh…today I feel so refreshed! I took me a very long and steamy shower, washed my hair and looked in the mirror and said to myself, “it feels good to be all natural” but chile that feeling only lasted for a day lol. I had Dootie take off my huge clip-in and trim my ends and conditioner my hair. I gave myself a mini facial and just kinda pampered myself here at home since our weather was so bad. Dootie said to me, “mom you have beautiful hair, you should let it breathe for awhile”. I agree and I did let my hair get some air while I ran errands all day yesterday and did some chores around the house but honey, I can’t go out looking like this all the time. I give it up to sisters out there that can wear their hair natural on a daily basis. Its too much work for me and my arms get tired trying to style it.

Its just tedious to me personally. I can’t really get Dootie to style my hair regularly, so who’s going to do it for me? I hate sitting in hair salons, it takes forever and a day and I have to usually drive into the city to visit someone, let alone try and get an appointment and most of the time the really good hairstylists are booked up or doing hair on set somewhere. So as a result, I have to bug my child to do my tresses, which gets to be annoying because she is starting to get busy too. I guess this is payback to me because when I use to own my nail salon in Cleveland, Ohio I rarely had time to do my own family members nails because I was always booked 2 months in advance. Shout out to my loyal customers back then!

My hair appears to be very thick and coarse but if you touched it, it feels like tissue paper. Very soft and fragile, so I wear a protective styled weave of some sorts, so that I don’t have to curl it everyday or straighten it. Its worked for me so far and its growing back nicely but its still thinning. When I went home to visit back in January, I examined my mom’s hair and hers is worse than mine! We both got the curse from my granny with the thinning hair lawd!

If you think my hair looks thick now, you should have seen it when I was in my prime, it was so pretty, thick and LONG!┬áPeople say I should color it but I don’t want to put any chemicals in my hair. I also have no relaxer and I like it that way. I may try something different for the spring we shall see. Dootie says she is going to give me a new look, I can’t wait to see what she comes up with. My natural state is also how my husband likes me to look, just a simple girl with no lashes on, no makeup, just long hair doing nothing walking around. Chile I can’t though…till next time. Ha! xoxo

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