True Confession: My Red Carpet Dress Disaster

chic and curvy

I wasn’t going to write about what happened to me while trying to put my red carpet look together for the 2015 Bet Awards but I am a bit disappointed and thought to share with you my experience and how to avoid the hiccups!  I don’t care how much you prepare for certain things, the devil will stay busy and try to throw a monkey wrench into any and everything you do. Some people just do not like to see you win, I mean nobody! 

I met someone who I befriended and they said that they could help me with a dress for the red carpet for BET Awards. I was simply elated and DID NOT ask them to make this dress for me, they “offered” let’s be clear! We started putting a look together months ago and we kept going back and forth via email with pictures and designs of dresses that I loved and what I wanted to wear. I gave them my measurements and everything in well enough time. They were happy to work with me and I was excited.

I’m going to tell you right now, if you want something made and its a custom piece, LIE about the date you actually need it because for some odd reason, some designers just do NOT understand or get it that women have to try on their garments, find accessories, the right shoe, undergarments etc. You can NOT hand us a dress a few days before an event and especially if we are traveling out of town.

So I started getting very nervous about two weeks prior to me leaving for Los Angeles because the dress still was not in my hand! They kept saying, oh you will have it, its on the way, don’t worry. Then it went to its stuck in customs because we had it made in China. The lies got really outlandish. I asked for a tracking number but never got it. Sounds shady right? Agreed! Well guess what? Yep, you guessed it, the dress NEVER showed up! I don’t know if they just didn’t make it, forgot or whatever but I found the WHOLE experience to be very unprofessional and I will NEVER work with them again in life! I still have not got an apology, the dress or a phone call to say what happened.

This has happened to me time and time again with designers and I should know better by now but what else am I suppose to do if a person can not give their word? Thats all you have at the end of the day is your word but it still bothers me how unprofessional some people are and that don’t care! If I could put this designer and his protege on blast, I would but its not even worth it! I feel as though karma comes back to bite you and I don’t have to do anything but sit back and watch it all unfold! You never become revengeful or spiteful, you put it in God’s hands and move forward. You live and you learn.

Then there was a second attempt at another designer who felt sorry for me and offered to make me a dress and this person too, dropped the ball and the dress was two sizes too small, I don’t fully blame them though because it was last minute, lack of communication and rushed.

So I was left with wearing this pretty lace royal blue gown from Chic & Curvy Boutique and they saved the day! This was not my first choice for the red carpet though. It did actually come in handy because it was made of lace, airy and helped keep me cool on the carpet. I’m very appreciative for them giving me this dress to wear. I just did not have time to go out and buy something else.

I am not sure why its so hard to work with fashion designers, even if I give them lots of notice, I just don’t get there thought process. What would have been nice was just simply an email, phone call or something saying, hey we just can’t do it and let me know. I don’t know if these designers work better under pressure, are extreme procrastinators or what but you just make yourself look really bad. I get LOTS of emails and text messages daily from friends, celebrities and my followers asking me who they should reach out to for dresses and gowns but guess what? This person will not be one that I recommend or refer. At the end of the day, your reputation is all you have treat me and others like this, that falls back on you. Till next time! xoxo

chic and curvy


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