TWT TEA: Beyonce & Jay Z ‘On The Run’ Tour In Atlanta



So yeah, let’s have a discussion on Queen B and Jay Z the other night here in Atlanta at the Georgia Dome! If I had to describe their performance in one word, I would say STELLAR! From the show pretty much starting on time, to their amazing stage performances, you can tell these are some pros at this thing called entertainment! 

I will admit that I do not really care to attend concerts but my friend Greg had an extra ticket and asked me if I could go in his place, since he had another engagement. I at first had to think about it long and hard because I knew it was going to be chaotic at the concert. I know some of you out there are like but its Beyonce lol. Even still, I had to really think about it but then I said yes, I would go. I’m just not a real big music person at all but do like Beyonce and especially Jay Z since I’m a hip hop head lol. I figured why not! I made my way downtown to our meeting spot where Epiphany Collection Car Service was waiting for us. Inside our SUV was two bottles of champagne, great music and turnt up companions! We headed down to the dome where it was pure pandemonium! They had lots of streets blocked off and you could only drop off! I’m so glad we had a car service or we would have been walking a country mile!

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As we made our way inside, I saw a lot of cutely dressed people. I will say that since I’ve never really been to a concert, I felt so old because the girls now a days wear just about anything! I saw lots of butt cheeks hanging out and there were lil kids walking around. Really? Other than that, we had really good seats and I don’t think that I saw one empty chair in the house, it was sold out!

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The stage setup was sickening and the expensive lighting made me feel like I was at a Vegas show, they shut it down and I mean it! When Beyonce and Jay Z hit the stage everyone jumped up out of their seat as I sat there with my legs crossed feeling like the elephant in the room lol. I said to myself, “oh folks stand up for them?” I think I will sit, I want to save my feet lol. They hit the stage singing 03 Bonnie & Clyde! The sound system was superb you heard each and every word from both artists. I think in all they sang 43 songs, I lost count but each time they kept the crowd entertained and crunk! My favorite sets were from Jay Z “Song Cry”, “Hustle Hard” and I loved when Beyonce did “Partition”. Thats one sexy mama! They showed lots of personal imagery on the huge projection screens in between sets. I really enjoyed watching Le Twins dance too, their dance skills are insane! I met them before in Los Angeles, very talented young men and Beyonce’s dancers did an amazing job as well!


Now let’s get to the fashions shall we? When I say that Beyonce wore the hell outta those outfits, I mean it! She slayed in each look and it kept getting better and better, I almost passed out! My favorite look was the colorful sequins Versace bodysuit, yes mam! She has great legs and the perfect butt that oozed glam and high-fashion! She is a very pretty girl and that damn fan was blowing that hair everywhere, she worked it! Damn Beyonce, I left calling up the hubby, ha! Jay kept it pretty simple and classic with tees and designer jeans and fresh kicks. Jay Z has a great stage presence with a lot of swagger, I see how he landed Beyonce, he is charming, witty with mad rap skills, he has always been my favorite rapper of all time!

These two are great business partners and their energy on stage is dynamic and you can tell they truly love each other! How genius to put both of their unique personalities together on one stage and kill the game! I had an amazing time and if you’re in another city and plan on going to see them, you’re in for a real treat, it’s worth every penny whatever you spend and you will have a great time! Congrats to Beyonce and Jay Z for thinking up this On The Run tour, two TRUE musical legends in entertainment! Shout out to Greg Cole of Nancy’s Pizza for the experience and good time! xoxo

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